Project Description

search2INVO Solution – the tool for increased efficiency and better utilization of resources.

Various surveys have shown that emloyess on average spend up to 20 % of their work-time searching for documents and information that they need to fulfill their work-task, often having to re-produce documentation because they can not find it back. Absent employees or employees resigning might likewise cause obstruction in the workflow in many companies. Theft and loss of laptops containg important documentation is another common area of concern. In short, organization of documents and information is a demanding task and can be hard to control.

INVO Solution offers the perfect way of solving this callenge in any organization, be they small, medium or large multinationals.

INVO Solution is applied on top of MS SharePoint, and presents the users with an easy to use and fast to learn interface into the underlaying structure. One of the philosophies with INVO Solution is that users should quickly be able to start working with it, without the company having to spend large amounts of time on training.

The INVO Developed logging tool, integrated with MS Office products and MS Outlook provide the user with an easy and fast tool to log information into the company.
Anything logged via the loggin-tool is automatially meta date indexed and tagged, including searcheable PDF.
From MS Outlook, e-mails can be logged, and attatchments are automatically indexed and logged aswell.

Documentation logged into INVO Solution via the logging tool are usually logged into the Document center, The Projet module or the Knowledge center.

INVO Solution shows its uniqueness and strenght when it comes to logging and searches. Due to the automatic tagging and meta-data collection taking place, searches are very fast, accurate and with a plentitude of filtering possibilities for the end user.
Information can quickly be downloaded from INVO Solution via direct download from the browser interface, or by using the INVO Drop Zone that is integrated into MS Outlook, allowing for a fast “click and drag” transfer of documents into e-mail.
INVO Solution – Free up your resources from performing routine tasks to focus on PRODUCTIVE work instead.

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Ken Ratama
Sales Director NOVOSHORE Europe S.L.