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Our Services

Our services are designed with you in mind and we provide our quality knowledge and experience with the goal of aiding your business achieve your goals. You are the expert in your business area – we are the experts in IT infrastructure, IT management, development, hosting, outsourcing and training. For us to succeed – you’ll have to succeed.

IT infrastructure operations

We take on the daily running and maintenance of your IT systems’s infrastructure; Windows, Linux and Unix servers. Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL – either in your own or in 3rd party data center/cloud. If you don’t already have it – we will also engineer your production environments, ensuring standards, security, continuity and reliability.

  • Engineering
  • Daily ITIL driven operations
  • Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Unix, Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Backup and recovery
  • Patching, upgrades and bug fixing
  • Capacity management
  • Request, issue and problem management
  • Application management


Need a cost cutting development team? We recruit, hire and manage your hosted dedicated development team in our office here in the Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia. You control their development tasks and manage your own development project and team. If you do not require a dedicated development team – we take on your project as well. Our development knowledge is wide and we cover all major development technologies:

  • C#, .Net, Java
  • JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS
  • Xamarin, PhoneGap
  • Entity Framework, LOB apps, Web API, MVC
  • WPF, Azure
  • Oracle APEX

You also have the option to place your own staff with us for shorter or longer period. We facilitate all the practical arrangements needed.

Time-saving SharePoint

Various surveys shows that up to 20% of time spent at work is spent searching for information. Are you struggling to find what you need? Do you often end up recreating documents? Do people forget to upload important documents to your SharePoint? We have the most efficient solution for your SharePoint installation. Through our partner, we offer INVO Solution- a solution deployed on top of your current SharePoint without changing any of the customizations you have already done. INVO Solution is deployed in hours and comes with the following modules:

  • Document management
  • Intranet
  • Crm
  • Shared Calendar
  • Project management

All this for a very moderate user license fee. Get in touch for a demo!


Our training services are currently being expanded, so have a look back here soon. All training offerings can be done on customer site or in our training center here in Malaga. We can also facilitate your own courses with us here in the sun.

Oracle Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting:

  • Oracle Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Developers: how to write optimal Oracle code
  • Customised Development training
  • Basic Oracle APEX
  • Oracle Architecture – for IT architects
  • Server Capacity Monitoring
  • Your training in the sun. Bring the trainer – we arrange
  • Come back soon for more courses

Let us know your training needs and we will facilitate.

Service desk in native language

Struggling to understand your service desk representatives when you call them with a problem? So now you have 2 issues: communication and your original issue. Not what you had in mind?

We hire and setup your own native speaking service desk. You manage it as it was your own. We can offer this service at greatly reduced rates compared to northern Europe and since Costa delSol (Malaga) has a vast amount of foreigners living here permanently, we can offer this service in the following languages:

  • English
  • Norsk
  • Dansk
  • Svenska
  • Francais
  • Italiano
  • Pусский
  • Nederlands
  • Español
  • Deutsch
  • Suomi
  • and more …

Oracle performance analysis and support

As one of very few companies, we have one of Europe’s top Oracle performance analyst in our organisation. With > 20 years of solving complex performance issues, he is now available to your organisation. Either as a 8/5 or 24/7 subscription service or ad-hoc. All layers in environment will be scrutinised and root cause will be found. Methodology used: method-r.

As a service, we have included:

  • Initial pre-onboarding review (database landscape)
  • Initial baseline collection
  • Instance onboarding
  • Production support and incident handling
  • Operational performance monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Trend analysis and reporting
  • Performance forecast analysis and reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Service monitoring and SLA reporting
  • Yearly landscape review

Ready to get started?

Interested in any of our services or have additional questions? Ready for quality and passionate IT services?

We are available every work day 09:00 to 18:00 Central European Time Zone, so get in touch and we will guide you along.

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What our customers say

Even though we are a young company, we are getting praise for our work from our customers. See below what they say about us!

Elfo has been working with traditional offshoring since 2010, we wanted to move our development closer to Norway for many reasons. Malaga is close by geographically so there are no problems getting on a plane to go for a development meeting if needed. It is a “Norwegian community” along Costa del Sol and Novoshore has a Norwegian work culture and management. The cultural differences between Norway and Spain are far less than between Norway and the Far East. The last and most important issue; Spain has a large, well educated and available work force.
Pål, Elfo AS