Software Development Services

Software Development Services2018-08-23T14:53:37+02:00

Software Development Services

Do you need a professional, and cost reducing development team or developers?

We recruit, hire and manage your hosted dedicated development team in our office here in the Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia (PTA). You control their development tasks and manage your own development project and team.

If you do not require a dedicated development team – we also work on project basis.

Our development knowledge is expansive, and we cover all major development technologies:

  • Web applications C#, VB, .Net Core, PHP/ZEND, HTML, CSS

  • Node.JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JavaScript

  • Xamarin, Xamarin.Form, PhoneGap

  • Native Android development, C/C++, Java, Android SDK, REST, JSON, Third party libraries and APIs

  • Native iOS application development, Objective C/C., Swift, C#, JAVA, HTML5

  • Entity Framework, LOB apps, Web API, MVC/MVVM

  • WPF, Azure, AWS, Oracle Cloud

  • Oracle APEX

  • Haskell, MAP R, Python, Matlab


  • GITHUB and TFS

  • UX/GUI design

  • Arduino/Raspberry PI/Assembly

  • SCRUM/AGILE/KANBAN/Lead/Traditional SDLC

You also have the option to place your own staff with us for shorter or longer period.
We facilitate all the practical arrangements needed.

Please contact us for further information.

Main reasons for nearshoring

Cost Reduction 63%
Access to Resources 62%
Focus on Core Business 55%
Business Transformation 37%
Improvement of Service Quality 34%
More Financial Flexibility 24%
More Tranparency on Cost 15%
Other 5%

Why choose us?

  • 30-50% Cost reduction

  • Highly skilled and available professionals

  • We take care of the business so you can focus on yours

  • We can aid you in your business transformation to regain focus, or move ahead with  digitalization

  • We have very dedicated and passionate people, and we are focused on delivering quality services

  • Our pricing is available up front depending if you would like dedicated long term resources, or resources for one or more of your projects.

  • We are close, and ready to help

Please contact us if you would like more information.

As a client of Novoshore S.L – Can our employees work with you in Malaga?2018-08-10T11:25:37+02:00

Yes – you are always welcome to embed/plug-into our team here in Malaga for a short or longer period.  (*) (**)

And you are always welcome to stop by. We can help with all the arrangements.

(*) EU/EEA citizens can work with us here in our offices with out any problems. 

(**) People from outside EU/EEA will have to follow the EU/EEA regulations for working temporarily within the EU/EEA.
Which type of engangements/contracts do you offer?2018-08-10T12:28:50+02:00

We are flexible; and can adapt the form of contract/engagement to your requirements:

  • Dedicated Resources
  • Fixed price projects
  • Time and materials based projects
  • Short term ad-hoc work based on time and materials
  • Pre-Purchased hour credits
  • Etc.


Can your employees work in-house/on-site?2018-08-10T11:16:36+02:00

Yes  – All our employees can work on-site within the EU/EEA as per your preferences.

Please note that nearshoring rates are of course more affordable; as extra cost is  naturally added by being on-site.




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