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novoshore’s headquarter is based in Málaga, on Spain’s sunny coast (Costa del Sol) and we are helping customers based in EMEA zone reach their business goals. Being located in Málaga has many advantages. Outsourcing your IT Infrastructure Management and other IT needs to Novoshore has many other advantages. Here are just a few of them…

Geographic proximity

Being closer geographically is not only about being in similar time zone. It also improves communication/productivity and reduces travel times/costs. Closer to home.

Educated and available workforce

Spain has a well educated workforce and with the current high unemployment among the young and educated, availability is to your advantage.

Political and juridical stability

Working under the European legal and regulatory framework makes our customer partnerships more streamlined and stable – no more surprises.

Solid outsourcing experience

Having been part of one of the world’s largest outsourcing deal between Shell and T-Systems for the last 10 years, we have gained invaluable experience in what works and what does not. We apply these experiences in our nearshoring approach.

Passion for technology

All the people we hire must have a burning passion for technology. We don’t just offer our employees a job, we offer a lifestyle and we feed their passion. Happy employees – satisfied customers.

We are pluggable

Plugg us into your existing IT processes and we’ll fill your gaps.

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Our services

Quality and high standards are what we offer through all our services.
Our team of passionate and international experienced staff is what distinguishes us.
Novoshore does not compete with cheap outsourcers around the world. We compete on quality, professionalism and satisfied customers.

Why people like us?

Málaga - Costa del Sol - Spain

Geographic proximity

Our customers feel more at home as we operate in same/close time zone increasing the efficiency in the cooperation.

Málaga - Costa del Sol - Spain

The power of people with passion

We only hire people that have a genuine passion for what they do – and we feed this passion and allow our people to grow and thrive.

Málaga - Costa del Sol - Spain

We know what works and what doesn’t

Our management has long and solid outsourcing experience with the last ten years being operational part of one of the largest outsourcing deals in history.

Málaga - Costa del Sol - Spain

Available workforce

Spain, being one of the worst hit countries during the last financial crisis, has a well educated and available workforce. Many great talents are currently unemployed and this gives you and us great flexibility, choice and speed in setting up your dedicated Development and/or Operational Teams.

Málaga - Costa del Sol - Spain

Flexibility is happy customers

Novoshore is, for now, a small but flexible technology company, driven by passionate geeks and the urge for new and emerging technologies. Being small allows us to be more flexible so we can suit your needs better and faster than bigger organisations.

Main reasons for nearshoring

Cost Reduction 63%
Access to Resources 62%
Focus on Core Business 55%
Business Transformation 37%
Improvement of Service Quality 34%
More Financial Flexibility 24%
More Tranparency on Cost 15%
Other 5%

about novoshore

novoshore was founded in 2013 with the goal of eliminating most of the disadvantages that traditional offshoring has and with the goal of improving the quality of services and solutions delivered to customers by an external provider. Our focus is on quality and passion for technology. Add more than 20 years of operational experience, and we aim for your happiness here on Costa del Sol.

Happy birthday novoshore!

July 2018: Novoshore has turned five years old!

Trond Enstad

We are…

A Norwegian IT Services management, Solution Provider and Consultancy company based in Malaga, Spain.

100% owned by which is owned by Norwegian entrepreneur, performance analyst, DBA, techie, mentor, speaker; Trond Enstad.

Experience gained from world-class enterprises like Shell, Canon, T-Systems, Siemens and others.

Our customers

Target customers

All our services are offered to customers around the world – but our core focus is on the EMEA zone – customers based in Central European Time zone +/- 2/3 hours

With the close proximity to our customers, we achieve greater efficiency in cooperation and deliveries

The power of people with passion

“The Power of People with Passion”

Novoshore believes in passion as a fundamental driver of great quality. We believe passion has great powers. We ensure our people’s passion is nourished

Our philosophy

Happy people – happy customers”

We provide knowledge and experience through our great people. We put our own employees and our customer’s happiness first and strive to create a work environment that stimulates creativity and flexibility. Happy people, increased quality and happy customers

Our promise

We promise you…

Quality, professionalism, creativity, reliability, excellence, flexibility and happiness with our cost-cutting nearshoring services.

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Elfo has been working with traditional offshoring since 2010, we wanted to move our development closer to Norway for many reasons. Malaga is close by geographically so there are no problems getting on a plane to go for a development meeting if needed. It is a “Norwegian community” along Costa del Sol and Novoshore has a Norwegian work culture and management. The cultural differences between Norway and Spain are far less than between Norway and the Far East. The last and most important issue; Spain has a large, well educated and available work force.
Pål, Elfo AS

Within last two years; Novoshore has been one of the best service provider that I have been worked with.
They have the attitude “YES! We can do it for you!” “We will try our best”. They never failed to deliver the best service to their customer. As one of their customer, I am fully satisfied with the services provided by Novoshore.  They always try their best to assist in every aspect clients need. I am absolutely sure that I would recommend Novoshore to others! 100%!

Suhail, IT Manager, Alliance Group

Nuestro agradecimiento a Novoshore Europe por la formación APEX impartida en nuestras oficinas de Madrid, el nivel de satisfacción de los asistentes ha sido muy alto. Agradeceros la predisposición a adaptar el temario y resolver todas las inquietudes que han surgido durante la formación. Nos servirá de guía para arrancar nuevos proyectos y sin duda de futuras colaboraciones.

Our thanks to Novoshore Europe for the APEX training given in our offices in Madrid, the level of satisfaction of the attendees has been very high. You will appreciate the willingness to adapt the agenda and solve all the concerns that have arisen during the training. It will serve as a guide to start new projects and without doubt of future collaborations.

Juan José Hernández , Universitas XXI

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