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Electronic and Electromagnetic Engineer, passionate about technology and new devices, Shodokan Aikido player and a nice guy, working to convert a small company into a great goal.

APEX on board of the SS Rotterdam

a general overview of APEXWORLD A couple of weeks ago, we assisted to the 9th APEXWORLD conference at Rotterdam. This is a two days event in the Netherlands, on board of a historical boat called SS Rotterdam. Great food and drinks, nice sponsors and a great venue to summarise, so let's go straight [...]

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My notes on the OUGN18 Conference

... about myself Before starting this blog entry, let me introduce myself a bit. I'm Juan, Electronic and Electromagnetic Engineer who started working on Oracle technologies a couple of years ago. That happened when I started working for Novoshore Europe. ... arriving Oslo This year, I attended the first time the Oracle Users Group of Norway [...]

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