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Oracle APEX: The New Features

The lastest Oracle Application Express (APEX) releases provide companies with many more reasons to develop on a low code platform. Furthermore, there's a great increase in migrations of their legacy applications to this technology. We are currently busy on adapting our existing apps and our partners' ones to the latest APEX version. That's why here [...]

2020-04-08T13:51:17+02:00April 8th, 2020|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments

We’re officially Oracle’s Silver Partner

Finally - Novoshore Europe SL is now an Oracle Silver Partner. As a company, Novoshore's been working with Oracle's technologies since its start. Oracle Tunning Guy, by Trond Enstad, is the founder behind Novoshore Europe and has been working with Oracle for more than 25 years. His passion and extensive experience with the Oracle Database, Infrastructure, [...]

2019-01-30T14:15:31+01:00January 30th, 2019|blog, Oracle|0 Comments

Mobile Interfaces using Universal Theme

This post is related to our previous blog post - A new mobile interface for sCRM Client Portal, where we talked about turning our application's interfaces more mobile friendly. To contextualize a bit, we have an Oracle ā'pěks dedicated team working on some of our products. For one of those products, we wanted to improve the [...]

2018-10-08T10:42:25+02:00October 8th, 2018|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments

A new mobile interface for sCRM Client Portal

After migrating our servers to ā'pěks 18.1, we kept our normal development cycle. We apply Scrum to all our projects, allowing us to perform an Agile development strategy. We always keep adding some new features from our Product Backlog to our apps in a continuous mode. One of our products is a Service CRM system, designed [...]

2018-08-22T10:47:48+02:00August 21st, 2018|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments

Migrating to ā’pěks 18.1

This is not a new topic, but we also want to share our experiences of the migration to ā'pěks 18.1. As you've probably read, the ā'pěks team have tested hundreds of times this migration process with all their internal apps. And that's something you can really feel when working on this migration. However, there are [...]

2018-07-23T11:50:28+02:00July 19th, 2018|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments

Novoshore’s chatbot at J on the Beach ’18 Conference

During the latest edition of JontheBeach '18 conference, Adrian and Juan took part in Chatbots Hackathon driven by Oracle. The idea of this hackathon was getting familiarized with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise platform. In there, among many other functionalities, it can also be found a tool to create, train and deploy a chatbot. So [...]

2018-07-23T10:55:31+02:00June 19th, 2018|blog, Oracle|0 Comments

APEX on board of the SS Rotterdam

a general overview of APEXWORLD A couple of weeks ago, we assisted to the 9th APEXWORLD conference at Rotterdam. This is a two days event in the Netherlands, on board of a historical boat called SS Rotterdam. Great food and drinks, nice sponsors and a great venue to summarise, so let's go straight [...]

2018-04-09T11:10:28+02:00April 9th, 2018|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments

My experience from OUGN18 conference

Our first Oracle conference attendance has been to the Spring Seminar 2018, organised by the Oracle User Group of Norway. The experience has been unforgettable. We have been working with Oracle APEX since two years ago. This technology isn’t very well known in Spain. For this reason, it has been great to be two days [...]

2018-04-06T13:32:05+02:00March 13th, 2018|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments

My notes on the OUGN18 Conference

... about myself Before starting this blog entry, let me introduce myself a bit. I'm Juan, Electronic and Electromagnetic Engineer who started working on Oracle technologies a couple of years ago. That happened when I started working for Novoshore Europe. ... arriving Oslo This year, I attended the first time the Oracle Users Group of Norway [...]

2018-04-06T13:32:05+02:00March 13th, 2018|APEX, blog, Oracle|0 Comments
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