… about myself

Before starting this blog entry, let me introduce myself a bit. I’m Juan, Electronic and Electromagnetic Engineer who started working on Oracle technologies a couple of years ago. That happened when I started working for Novoshore Europe.

Myself @ Oslo

… arriving Oslo

This year, I attended the first time the Oracle Users Group of Norway (OUGN) yearly’s Conference, on board of the Color Fantasy Cruise between Oslo and Kiel. And I have no words to describe the experience. We arrived in Oslo, Norway, the day before the conference. We just step into the Hotel to leave our luggage there and we went away for some city-sightseeing. The city was a bit covered by the snow and the weather wasn’t as cold as expected. We visited the Royal Palace, the Cathedral, the Townhall, Akershus Fortress… We discovered a very nice looking place, and all that happened just before we started with the real aim of the trip.

… the conference

The morning after, we went to the cruise terminal and a bit after we were attending some keynotes in Norwegian. To be honest, I think that’s something they need to improve for future editions. They all speak perfect English, so they better use it for the whole conference. After that, we run to prepare our Novoshore’s stand at the Exposition deck. For this event, we were one of the Conference’s sponsors and we run a very easy SQL Quiz. The price for that quiz was a drone for the participant with best marks.

Presentation @ OUGN

When we were not at the stand, we were attending interesting sessions about which we’ll speak soon: there were tracks related to Core architecture, DB, Business Analytics, … and, of course, APEX. Two very intense days getting great knowledge from people with fantastic backgrounds. Perfect landscapes at the windows of the deck 12 while having nice food and some drinks at party time that you can’t understand unless you attend the conference. And, of course, I also have to highlight the great people we knew there: having a conference on a boat makes quite easy the networking: nobody can escape!!

stand with beers rocks!

… special thanks

For not making this entry too long, I just want to thank our boss: Trond Enstad. He’s an amazing guy, both professionally and personally. He’s really trying to build the company he always wanted to work at, and he’s really doing a great work achieving that goal. However, from here I need to point that he already did because working at Novoshore doesn’t look like working anymore! Now, even with the Netherland conference coming next week, and some others in the future, I’m looking forward to visiting Oslo next year!

Us @ Opera House