Finally – Novoshore Europe SL is now an Oracle Silver Partner. As a company, Novoshore’s been working with Oracle’s technologies since its start. Oracle Tunning Guy, by Trond Enstad, is the founder behind Novoshore Europe and has been working with Oracle for more than 25 years. His passion and extensive experience with the Oracle Database, Infrastructure, IT Operations, Tuning and Development, has clearly led some of the main technologies we use in our daily work today. A natural step for us, regarding our close collaboration with Oracle, was to set up a partnership with them so we could mutually benefit from our experiences. Oracle Digital’s office is just up the road from our office, and we are already cooperating with some community experience sharing activities, so it was just natural that we formalised the partnership. This has ended with us becoming a Silver Partner of Oracle.

and what does that mean?

For us, we keep doing what we do best: work with great passion to help achieve our customers’ goals. We have always prioritized our customer’s interests, and this new partnership only means a deeper collaboration between Oracle and us that YOU can benefit from. Being Oracle’s Silver Partners allows us to get some more exposure in Oracle’s network. For current Oracle customers, it’s now even easier to reach us through Oracle’s Partner Channel. And that’s great for everyone, as customers will know that they don’t really need to be tied up to traditional outsourcing partners in the Far East/West. Novoshore is here on your doorstep, in Malaga, Spain.

do you need some more information?

If you need to know more about this, just ping us back. We’re always available for a chat, or a coffee, or whatever suits you better. You can see good examples on our Products page, where we describe some of our Oracle APEX applications among other services. Some of those apps started as custom solutions for some of our customers, so we have great experience in creating products that suit our customer’s requirements.

Oracle owns a very vast catalogue of products, services, and solutions.  So if you already use Oracle and need some help with your infrastructure, old or new apps/systems, tuning or simple advise, don’t hesitate to contact us!