Our Products

Novoshore offers our customers a wide range of IT services, but we also have ready-made, in-house/partner-developed solutions that you can start enjoying right away. We have selected a few, but experienced, partners and products that we can offer you. All these products are ‘best in class’ and have been selected for their quality, effectiveness and usefulness as we want to serve your needs end-to-end.

novoshore HOURS

  • Track Working time
  • Company overview

  • Personal & Bank Holidays

  • Cloud based & Web app

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novoshore TICKETS

  • Complete history of Status Ticket
  • Track KPIs
  • Users’ Assets
  • Cloud based & Web app

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novoshore serviceCRM

  • Cloud based & fully managed CRM
  • Use any device – anywhere – anytime
  • Automatise processes – save time
  • Adapt the system to the way you work
  • Customer Portal
  • Manage property sales and property sales portal

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SharePoint Solution on Steroids

  • Document Center
  • Projects
  • Move
  • Case Management
  • Calendar
  • Intranet

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