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Our Products

Novoshore offers our customers a wide range of IT services, but we also have ready-made, in-house/partner-developed solutions that you can start enjoying right away. We have selected a few, but experienced, partners and products that we can offer you. All these products are ‘best in class’ and have been selected for their quality, effectiveness and usefulness as we want to serve your needs end-to-end.

Novoshore Hours

With our Hours application you can have registered all the working hours of your employees. You can define projects, assign them to employees and/or teams with an initial estimate time, link them types of activities that will be carried out. With this you can have a complete overview of all your projects.

In addition, you can have an automated system for managing holidays, both personal holidays and bank holidays. Through email notifications you will be able to know when one of your employees requests vacations and have a historical of the vacations enjoyed.

  • Track Working time
  • Overview company
  • Personal & Bank Holidays
  • Cloud based & Web app

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Novoshore Tickets

With this Tickets system you can have an exhaustive tracking of all the tickets summited by your users. The management can be carried out through assignments of tickets to employees, traces of times and states. Through email notifications the user will be informed at all times. Solution easy to use and fast. You just need to have a browser and Internet access to use it.

You can store the assets of your users. This will allow you to always have all the background at hand.

  • Complete history of Status Ticket
  • Track KPIs
  • Users’ Assets
  • Cloud based & Web app

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Service CRM

Using your own Service CRM solution enables you to more efficiently manage your customers and your business and the sCRM we provide is aimed at businesses providing services to their customers. Due to being a flexible solution it will save you time, will give you a better overview and will improve your customer satisfaction. Rather than using lots of different products, organise your day including all what you need in just one place!

Because it’s a cloud based solution, you’d have the option to work anywhere – anytime. As a result, bring your business into the future and make your customers happy.

In addition, to further improve efficiency, you have to option for a Client Portal – freeing up more of your time and impressing your customers.

  • Cloud based & fully managed CRM
  • Use any device – anywhere – anytime
  • Automatise processes – save time
  • Adapt the system to the way you work
  • Customer Portal
  • Manage property sales and property sales portal

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Sharepoint Solution on Steroids

Staying organized and keeping track of your company’s data assets represent a big challenge for many companies. Furhermore, surveys have shown that office staff typically spend around 20 % of their work-time looking for information they need, either created by themselves or by other in their organisation. Often staff have to recreate documentation they can’t find because it’s not filed properly or named/tagged in a useful way.

INVO Solution offer a great tool to stay organized across an organisation with regards to documents, projects, internal information etc. It also comes with an ‘out-of-box’, beautiful, ready-to-use Intranet solution enabling you to share news across you organisation. And all that with no need of using many different products!

  • Document Center
  • Projects
  • Move
  • Case Management
  • Calendar
  • Intranet

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