Invo Solution – the tools for staying organized

Invo Solution is a complete document management handling solution that gives your company a tool to help stay organized, efficient, competitive and profitable.
The core idea of our product is to automate the process of taking care of company information, making in possible for you to find information in a fast and accurate way, when it is needed.

Information logged into SharePoint with Invo Move will automatically be tagged and meta-data collected without any further action required by the user.

Time is money

Many employees typically spend around 20% of their time searching for information they need to complete their task. Because documents are not found, extra time goes to recreating information that is already stored somewhere

Secure your data

By using Invo Solution, your organization will take steps to protect the data that is important and belongs to the company, minimizing the risk for loss in case of computer theft, accidents, fire, absence or dismissal of staff. Data stays with the company and is always accessible.

Work together from everywhere

Work on you files, check you calendar and task, follow up in you projects wherever and whenever you want to. A computer and an an internet connection is all you need to stay up to date and do your job. Via the Mobile app Office365 you can even follow up an perform tasks directly from your Tablet or SmartPhone

A more flexible pricing structure

The various available modules in Invo Solution can now be purchased separately. This will allow us to make a solution that is tailor-made, and where the client avoids having to pay for modules and services they do not need

Available Modules

Invo Move

Employees in most organisations are storing information, e-mails, files and folders in a multitude of places – both locally and in the cloud, making it hard to stay on top of where company data is stored and if it is secure. Finding what you need quickly becomes a challenge.

With Invo Move you will not lose control

Allowing for storage of information in a variety of locations, in folders, on hard-drives, in Dropbox and on the common file-server – is both inefficient and cumbersome.
Maybe most important of all – not being structured in this area represents a serious threat as far as Data-Security is concerned and in many cases, staff ends up recreating documents that potentially could be reused.

  • Where are your documents stored today?
  • Who have access to what sort of information?
  • What happens upon termination of employments?
  • Can you find the information when you need it? It is searchable?

With Invo Move, employees will be working like normal in Word, Excel, Outlook and other programs. Instead of saving the documents in the personal work space/computer – they will now use Invo Move to save their work – directly into SharePoint.

By using Invo Move, files and documents will be stored in the right place, and finding them back later becomes very easy, as they are automatically tagged and meta-data is collected from all content.

When employees quickly find information, and do not need to spend time re-creating what has already been made – it’s a win for both employee and the company. Invo Move is based on familiar Microsoft technology.

Increased efficiency and cost saving is the result!

  • Save files directly from Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and other applications
  • An easy interface for creating new storage areas (projects, company sites, folders, customers)
  • Support for all file-formats
  • Search and navigate directly in SharePoint from Microsoft Outlook
  • Create favourites in Microsoft Outlook for faster storage
  • Drag n’ drop
  • Metadata-handling
  • Full support for Office365
customer relationship management service Clients Portal - laptop
  • Searches on name as well as on content of document
  • Version-logging
  • Users may work on same documents simultaneously
  • A natural flow in the work
  • Access control for areas, folders and files
  • Cooperation across the organization
  • Synchronization to your computer
  • Invo Move

Document Center Module

With company data becoming more and more the most valuable asset in modern organisations, Invo Document Center represents the core of Invo Solution, and will be the central storage of your company information.

The document center is build to fit the organisational need of your company with regards to company size, departments, branches, employees etc. It is a tool for organising and finding company and department related files and documents accurately and quickly.
This module replaces “common areas” and folders on the file-server.

In Invo Document Center you are presented with an intuitive and user-friendly user interface making it easy and quick to adapt to and start using. Documents and files are uploaded to the Document Center in a variety of ways, either by using the Invo Move, drag and drop etc. All content is automatically tagged and meta-data collected.

In addition to be able to search in a “Classical” Windows explorer structure like many are familiar with, searches in the future do not really require knowledge of where documents are stored.
You are now able to search on content by keywords contained in the document you are looking for.

In addition to this, the search can be refined by applying criteria such as:

  • who created/stored document
  • when was it modified
  • what type of document
  • Key word contained in document

Project Module

When working with projects, it is often easy to loose control over the work-flow, activities, tasks, files, e-mails and other mission critical information that is sent between participants in the project or externally.

Enterprise Project management tools are often too complex and expensive and learning cure is high.

  • Where is your project located?
  • Are you using “out-of-date” templates?
  • What information is available to who in the projects, both internally and externally?
  • Are all project participants up to date about all activities?
  • Is it clear what task each participants have when working in the project?
  • Do all the project participants work toward the common goal?

With Invo Project, you have a tool to create and manage per-defined and well organized “Project-room” in SharePoint.

The participants in a project have access to documents, files, tasks and a common calendar and can easily coordinate and work with the other participants in the project.

A simple and “easy-to-use” project room that is integrated with MS Office and other programs needed by the participants leads to immediate results. Participants can more easily and efficiently work together, get clarity about the status of the project and make sure the project stay on track.

  • Easily create projects with just a few clicks
  • Choose from pre-defined templates
  • Simple storage and retrieval of documets, e-mail and files related to the project
  • A project calendar that is integrated with MS Outlook
  • Gantt-diagram
  • List of takss
  • Social feeds
  • User management and access control
  • Invo Move
customer relationship management service Clients Portal - laptop
  • Case management on one common platform – directly in SharePoint
  • Dynamic updates and automatic saving function
  • Complete overview of all status-reports
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Invo Move

Case Management Module

Formalization of all repetitive routine tasks taking with Invo Case Management Module
will increase efficiency and accuracy by setting up a predefined work-flow based

on a single platform in SharePoint


For many users working with case-management, it is often seen as a challenge due to the complex IT  systems that are involved, the different systems, window and “dialog-boxes”  are often creating frustration. This adds significant challenges in addition to just solving the initial task that it started with.

Luckily there is a better and more simple way to work !

With Invo Case Management, you will get a dynamic and efficient Case Management system in SharePoint.
Users can easily stay on top of their task and quickly find information through an intuitive user-interface that is dynamically updated with the latest information.
In short: The numbers of “clicks” will be dramatically reduced – resulting in a more efficient Case-Management.

User management and controlling access to data is also easily controlled in the Case Management Module. Users can quickly and easily limit access to information and selected cases, or delegate cases to other workers in the organization.

With a Case Management System in SharePoint, organizations are not required to invest in expensive third-party solutions. In addition, when the work-flow in the case management handling becomes more efficient, the decision becomes easy:

The Company will save on both IT Costs and costs related to the processing of the cases themselves.

CRM Module

A good CRM system does not need to be expensive, and there is no need to invest in  separate system! Our solution for a CRM keeps everything in one place  –  in SharePoint.

Most companies have, or should have had a CRM-system. Without it, it is hard to stay on top and keep control over all contacts, contact-information, agreements, notes and correspondence with clients.

Another challenge often seen is that the CRM-system itself becomes very expensive as well as too complicated in its daily use.

It does not have to be like this.

We are currently in the final testing stages with our CRM-system in SharePoint. This means that if you currently have any Microsoft-solutions and SharePoint already, then you do not need a separate system to manage and handle all your contacts. With Invo CRM you have all the information in one place.

  • Key information on our contact persons
  • Contact persons
  • Documents
  • E-mails
  • Tasks
  • Agreements
  • Notes

With our solution, employees can easily search for, change and add new contacts and contact persons directly in Outlook.

With a full overview over the contact persons from your clients, suppliers and partners it becomes easier to follow up on sale and delivery. The fact that the CRM-system is fully integrated in SharePoint offer a great benefit.

Invo CRM
  • A complete CRM-system in SharePoint
  • A full overview over all your contacts
  • All information in one place
  • MS Office and Skype For Business integration
  • A user-friendly and modern intranet
  • Overview over tasks, documents and projects
  • Access to latest news
  • An easy way to publish news across the organization
  • Links to mission-critical support systems
  • Social interaction
  • Access and user management

Intranet Module

Invo Intanet offer you an easy “out of the box” intranet with the most important functions the employees need – ready to use.

Many companies are using large amounts on design and development of costly Intranet solutions that often remains out of date as well as not meeting the needs for information that the employees have. These “tailor-made” Intranet solutions are expensive and can be complicated to maintain and update.

Most Intranet solutions have a common set of standard functions often found: It should be easy to find employees, easy to see your tasks and documents, to get an overview over projects, to read news and get access to support functions.
With Invo Intranet you will have a standardized solution giving the employees access to the following:

  • A profile on each employee
  • News
  • Documents
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Support systems

Social feeds with comments, “hash-tags”and  likes are part of this Intranet solution, and you can also follow and mark documents and persons as your favorite.

When employees can find and access important information on the company intranet and time is saved for the employee and ultimately for the company.
Social interaction through feeds and sharing, is also beneficial for the company. According to a McKinsey report, companies that focuses on social interaction and sharing can achieve increases in productivity of about 20-25%.

If you like to have a chat about or demo on how Invo Solution might benefit your organisation, please get in touch with us through our contact page.