Tickets – A complete cloud-based servicedesk solution

With Tickets – our service desk solution you can help manage your customer/user incidents/requests more efficiently and to be able to provide a single point of contact (POC) between you as a service provider, and your customers/users. The service desk will make it much easier for you to manage service requests or “incidents”, and improve the communication with your customer/users.

It will also improve the efficiency of your internal service desk operations as the soliton will make it much easier to manage requests, as well as gain valuable insight on how your service operation works. The system provides a operational dashboard as well as an easy way to setup a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between both internal and external customers/users.

Tickets has email support so you can both submit tickets through the Tickets Customer Portal as well as via email.

Users/Customers will also receive email notifications via email.

Since the system is hosted in the cloud it is very easy to setup, and configure for new customers.

Beyond a very rapid setup time, and branding – the service portal is 100% self-managed. The system administration is very straight forward, and you will be up and running in a few days.

Tickets can easily be integrated into third party applications, and of course plays well with our other applications as well. 

Tickets – Your company´s servicedesk

Your own servicedesk for management of user/customer requests.

  • Dashboard

  • Ticket/Request Assignment

  • Ticket/Request History/Audit

  • KPI reports

  • Service/Product/Asset Management

  • System Administration/Configurable SLA

  • Email integration and notifications

Tickets Customer Portal

Customer branded Self-service Client Portal for your end users to submit new requests, and follow-up on ongoing tickets.

  • Dashboard

  • Submit new requests and incidents

  • Review and respond to updates from the servicedesk

  • Review ticket & service request status

  • View old closed tickets/service requests

  • Customer/user reports

  • Customer/user Dashboard

  • Reports

  • eMail notifications

Please contact us for a demo, or for further information.