Customer Relationship Managemen Service Core - Multi device

Service with excellence

sCRM (service CRM)  is not only a product, but a new and efficient way of doing business.

It’s a very complete solution for taking excellent care of your customers and yourself. You will save a lot of time which you can use gain more customers or spend time with family and friends.

With our Customer Relationship Management service, you will be able to have a 360 degree view, and control of your customers.

Thanks to all the automatic processes, fully transparent for you, your customers will always be  happy as they will receive communications about their services in progress.

Time is money

Start saving both. Our service CRM system will allow you to save a lot of time by automation. We automate a lot of the tasks in our system, allowing you to focus on everything else that is important for you and your business.

See the data your way

System includes a great tool: Interactive Reports. In addition to all the predefined reports you can find, you can also customize reports according to what you need to summarize and overview at each moment.

Wherever you are

At home, with your client or on the road? The system is available whenever or wherever you are. Use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and impress your customer. Our system lives in the cloud.

Aditional Modules

Client Portal

Clients are a really precious resouce. Because of that, by adding our Client Portal module to your sCRM solution you will heavily improve the interactions with all your customers at the same time. The module provides an easy way to exchange documents both ways, publish the status of the open activities or just update some important information with this “easy to use” tool…  saving you and your customers time.

Property Sales

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or a big company competing in this type of business. Having the right tools could make the difference for success or failure. Create your own space by including a module to expand the sCRM functionality with all the required tools to deep handling and selliing your customers properties, by showing your own style while making a great profit.

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